Friday, January 1, 2016

*TZ - Taiwan Oolong Made Easy

      All Natural, no flavoring or spices added
      Grown and Made in Taiwan
      Full Leaf for top quality infusion
      Pre-measured, portion sacked for precise enjoyment 
      PLA sachet, Ultra-Sonic press-seal, Eco-friendly 

          *TZ - 604T Jade    Alishan Milk Oolong
          *TZ - 804T Gold    Classic Tung-Ting
          *TZ - 206T Ruby   Sun Moon Lake Ruby 18
  Pack  8 *TZ in one tamper seal paper tin lined with foil pouch.


Easy to serve hot or chilled...


Free Dealer's Display !
A 3-tier revolving wooden stand for displaying three *TZ, 9 units on each tier
will be FREE for per order of 120 units.

Bonus !!
Only for your repeat customers, suggest them to order 24 *TZ per box and Save!
*TZ - 604-24         *TZ - 804-24         *TZ - 206-24 

Packaged Taiwan Oolong and Green Tea are also available

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