Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ceremonial Tea Service

Serving tea in parties often not regarded as a priority among all things in planning. Wine, beer, soda or cocktails...usually to be considered before tea.  Well, agree and not agree. Tea might not fit the ambient for many gatherings, yet certain occasions tea could be the perfect choice. All depends on  the serving program.
JT & Tea has brought up 'Ceremonial Oolong Service'  concept in 2015 World Tea Expo at Long Beach, California.  Again, it is Ceremonial Oolong Service, definitely not another Oolong Ceremony!  With the Spectrum of Taiwan Oonlongs, plus various Serving Programs, we proved this will open up more business for tea rooms or catering operators. 

Work with your party planners for this new concept.  Wedding Ceremonies, Contracts Signing Ceremonies... there are many special occasions... 

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